Should You Take Singing Lessons?

You may not realize it, but singing is just as natural to human beings as it is to songbirds, but most of us tuck away our talents because we are shy or we are sympathetic to those who are in earshot of us. Unfortunately, many people think that things such as shouting, singing, skipping, and playing in public are just was that we will embarrass ourselves.

However, just because you don’t think your voice is “pretty” doesn’t mean that you should just give up. If you want to become a singer but you can’t afford professional singing lessons, consider trying SINGORAMA to help you on your journey.

Let’s take a look at some of the cynicism people have when it comes to singing- we’ll break them down one by one.

Myths Surrounding Singing Lessons – Take Singing Lessons

Singing is perfectly natural and easy to do.

While it’s true that singing is easy and natural- in order to sing well, you must get lots of practice. If you want to sing very well, you need to have some knowledge along with that practice.

Singing lessons are meant for girls.

For some reason, many people believe that singing lessons are simply about paying for a young girl’s childish ego – much in the same way that horseback riding is also “only” for girls.

However, that thought is completely invalid and there’s absolutely nothing at all like having a child challenge one of your notions. So, if you have a son that is asking to take singing lessons, do you really want to pass on your prejudice?

Or do you want to support him and admit that there are lots of male singers out there and there’s no reason your son can’t take singing lessons.

Singing lessons don’t produce results.

Many people believe that an aspiring singer either knows how to sing or doesn’t – there’s no reason to blow the money on lessons. However, perhaps great singers know more than the average person – they usually do take lessons. Or at least did so at some point in time. And if theses professionals are taking singing lessons, don’t you think they have their reasons!?

People are taking singing lessons for all the wrong reasons.

There may actually be a little bit of truth in this one. There are some people that are taking singing lessons on the short term so they can get better for a spring musical or a solo at school or at church.

They want to be able to project their voice. However, some reasons to take singing lessons include “learn study skills” or “increase self-confidence.”

There are a few people who are taking singing lessons for unimportant or unrelated reasons- but this does not apply to everyone. There are lots of singers who take the lessons seriously from the very first one to the last one.

Now that we have looked at some of the myths of singing lessons, let’s take a look at the reasons why someone might decide that singing lessons are a good idea.

13 Reasons to Take Singing Lessons

Following, you will find 13 valid reasons to take singing lessons:

  • Learn how to read music
  • Learn the variety of musical styles
  • Learn the standards of the musical styles
  • Learn how to find a note
  • Learn to/stoke your ability to sing a particular note. In order to sing a note, many of us sing above and below the note so that the range gives us the sound of the note. However, a good singer is able to narrow their range and the sound is much more pure- these singers are much more precise than the average singer.
  • Learn to breathe properly and strengthen your lungs
  • Learn to maintain control of your volume
  • Learn to stay true (avoid wavering from) to the notes once you are able to find them
  • Learn the nuances of a song to perform it
  • Learn about what your voice is or is not capable of
  • Learn what to avoid and what to do in order to not ruin your voice
  • Learn some music theory
  • Learn the various scales. There is more to the scales than DO-RE-MI.

So, should you take Singing Lessons?

In conclusion, you should be aware that the biggest myth regarding singing lessons that people have is there’s not much to it. As you can see from the above 13 reasons to take lessons, that’s not true at all.

There’s a lot more to singing lessons than simply practicing your singing. If you’re not able to afford singing lessons from a pro, you can always try out SINGORAMA for a DIY method of learning to sing.

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