How To Scream Sing

How To Scream Sing

Are you in love with metal bands and love to listen to and sing metal, punk and rock music? If you are looking to become a scream sing vocalist, then you will need to take a lot of precaution to sing this style. There are many vocalists needed by rock bands who just need to tour with the band to sing a section of the song in which they have to scream sing.

So, there is no doubt that the demand for scream singers will never die and you will find plenty of opportunities knocking on your doors once you learn how to scream sing. This style of singing is not the regular stuff and needs special training and singing techniques.

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It is very hard to scream sing without the right form and techniques. There are chances that you could damage your vocal chords very badly if you do not do it properly. You will need to protect your voice when you are screaming and make use of the right approach to sound correct.

Know the basics of scream singing

  • The right breathing technique for scream singing

The first thing that you should know is the breathing technique needed to scream sing. You will need to take deep breaths in order to scream sing. When you are breathing in, you should make sure that the breath fills up your diaphragm that is located below the lungs and not the chest. You should see that the stomach area is the one that is expanding more than the chest area. With the right breathing technique, you will be able to prevent damage to your vocal chords.

  • Layering the scream over the singing voice

It is important to understand that you should be in tune when you are scream singing. It is not that you are just screaming the worlds of the song. You are just singing the words of the song and then adding scream singing to it. You should consider the singing as two layers: one layer is the normal singing voice and the second layer is the screaming voice. These two singing layers have to be combined to bring out the effective scream singing sound. This layering of the voice can only be mastered with thorough and regular practice.

  • You should first start the practice of singing the songs in the normal voice and then slowly shift to scream singing
  • A note has to be sung in your normal voice for a few seconds and then start to later a scream over the note till you convert it into a scream singing note

Make use of vocal fry

There are some people who speak with a low-pitched and creaky voice. This is what is called vocal fry. This means that you need to bring in a cracking effect to your voice. By making use of the vocal fry technique, you will be able to easily bring out the distorted and screaming like the stinging effect that will not cause any damage to your voice.

You can take any song that you like and practice it in vocal fry voice. As you move further in your practice, you can start to increase your voice with the vocal fry option so that it sounds like a screaming song.

Vocal tips that you should put to practice

The main thing about screaming singing is to not hurt or cause serious damage to your vocal cords. Defending your voice against damage is of utmost importance as it might even lead to putting your singing career in jeopardy.

  • Vocal warm-ups is necessary

Before you are heading to the stage to perform, you should always warm up your vocal chords. This can be done by singing the songs at two-octave intervals. You should start from low range and then move up to two octaves and come back to the low range again.

  • Breathing exercises

There is no better way to get ready for a stage show or concert than to do some breathing exercises. You will be having better control of your voice and the notes by practicing the breathing exercises. It is also very important to do some warm up singing exercises before hitting the stage.

  • Drink lots of water

As your vocal chords could get dehydrated soon when scream singing, it is better to keep it hydrated always when you are doing rehearsals, warm ups and even when you are on stage. It is better to drink warm liquids or water at room temperature to keep your vocal chords hydrated and in perfect shape for scream singing. Drinking cold stuff will contract the throat.

  • Proper arrangement of the song set

It is important for you to plan and arrange the song set that you are going to perform on stage. You should always try to plan a relatively slow tempo one as your next song once you do a song that involved full screaming.

  • Proper knowledge of the notes

You should always be aware of the note in the song where screaming is required. This is the only way you will be able to scream in tune with other screamers and make your band sound as a group. Once you know the right place where you need to open up and scream, you will enjoy good confidence on the stage.


If you are looking for more tips and techniques that will help in turning you from a bathroom scream singer to a professional one, then you might need the help and guidance of a singing coach who is proficient and a specialist in teaching people how to scream sing.

The coach will be teaching you the right screaming techniques and other important guidelines to follow in order to turn you into a professional and popular scream singing stage performer. Some singers are born to scream whereas others need to put in loads of effort and dedication to become a screaming singer.

Whatever state you are in, you can surely turn your voice into a scream singer’s voice through proper guidance from online singing coaching offered by websites like Singorama.

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