Learning to Sing Like a Professional

So, you’ve been thinking that you’d like to learn how to sing like a professional. You want to make the big bucks, have tons of adoring fans, go on tour, create No. 1 albums, and so on. Do you think it would be good enough to look good and use some great studio effects to make you sound good?

Or would you rather take the time to work on your craft, become a slave to the art, and not need any of the fancy techniques that many starts use because your voice already sounds so good.

Think about it: Can you picture yourself singing every night for many years, never losing your voice or doing irreparable damage because you’ve learned how to sing properly?

In this article, you will find 3 tips that you can use to get you on the path to learning how to sing like a professional.

Singing Technique – Learning to Sing Like a Professional

While this may seem pretty obvious, you may be surprised to learn that many singers really are not doing this. Consider professional sports players.

They spend many years learning the proper techniques of the sport they play. In fact, many times, they will invest in finding a great teacher/coach to show them what they need to know.

The same goes for singers. You must find a great voice teacher/coach. You need someone that will teach you proper singing techniques so that you don’t end up like many of the younger singers, needing to have vocal polyps/nodules removed when they should be starting their careers.

The worst thing would probably be to have a promising career ahead of you and end up losing your voice because of poor singing techniques- ending up returning to a job you despise because you destroyed your voice.

Spend Adequate Time in Practice

In addition to learning proper vocal techniques, you need to get adequate practice. There are a few things you are going to need to ensure good practice:

Scales/Vocal Exercises:

These will be effective for helping you learn good technique as well as improve your tone, range, and power.


This is the songs that you are going to be performing- or just like to sing along to on the radio.

In the beginning of your learning, when you are learning proper technique, you are going to be focusing on exercises and scales, as these will help you learn to sing without complicating the process with words.

Once you have gotten comfortable with technique, you can start practicing more songs, taking the time to make sure you are singing them with the proper technique.

Unfortunately, there are many singers out there who only sing songs- they never spend any time at all practicing scales and doing exercises. This is a lot like playing a sport without doing any drills- it’s a recipe for disaster.

Just Do It

Finally, once you have developed a solid technique, it’s time to get out of the house and start performing for others. There are many people who will claim to be a singer, but they are entirely too nervous to get in front of an audience, so their talent goes unnoticed.

If you call yourself a singer, you need to be getting out in front of people and performing. If you will do some performances on a regular basis, you will get rid of your stage fright and will also give you more control over your nerves, to allow you to sing with confidence and without a shaky voice.

One great way to start is to learn some “standards” and show up on an open mic or jam night at your local bar/club and perform a few songs.

This will get you used to performing in front of an audience without the pressure of having to sing 10 to 30 songs. After all, it’s going to take you some time to build up your stamina.

The whole point is to be able to be comfortable in front of an audience. This will help you forget about the techniques and focus more on “feeling” the song.

Of course, you must keep in mind that really learning to sing like a professional is going to take lots of time, sweat, and tears. Most people discover that there is no such thing as a shortcut and it pays to learn good singing technique.

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